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Sherlock: Miss Mackenzie, you’re in charge of pupil welfare, yet you left this place wide open last night! What are you? An idiot, a drunk, or a criminal?! Now quickly! Tell me!

Miss Mackenzie: All the doors and windows were properly bolted. No one, not even me, went into their room last night. You have to believe me.

Sherlock: I do. I just wanted you to speak quickly.

Sherlock: Miss Mackenzie will need to breathe into a bag now.

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Listening to Tom’s and Jian Ghomeshi’s delicious, melted chocolate voices in this interview is what I often use to lull me to sleep — but the Hiddles Visuals are quite delightful, too.

Tom and Jian Ghomeshi talk about “Only Lovers Left Alive” in Studio Q, Fall 2013.

(If you haven’t watched it, it’s really a great interview about the experience of making the film with Tilda and Jim, and about acting in general.)


Happy Birthday Shakespeare


Happy Birthday Shakespeare

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Dean O’Gorman  by Jeremy Toth (x)

Dean O’Gorman  by Jeremy Toth (x)

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